A terrorist attack at a crowded concert venue on the outskirts of Moscow has resulted in the reported deaths of forty individuals, with over 100 others sustaining injuries, according to the FSB Federal Security Service. The incident occurred at the Crocus City Hall.

BBC reports that multiple gunmen clad in camouflage attire stormed into the Crocus City Hall, situated in a suburb of Moscow, and initiated gunfire at attendees gathered for a rock concert.

Video footage captured from inside the concert hall depicts at least four assailants firing indiscriminately at terrified civilians attempting to flee the scene.

Numerous explosions were reported, accompanied by a substantial fire within the building, resulting in a partial collapse of the roof near the theater area.

Law enforcement successfully evacuated 100 individuals who had sought refuge in the basement. Additionally, there are indications that some of the attackers have fortified themselves inside the venue.

Dramatic video footage captures concert attendees seeking shelter amid the chaos of gunfire and explosions. A significant blaze has consumed the roof of the complex, prompting Russia’s national guard to launch a search for the unidentified gunmen responsible for the attack.

According to the FSB Federal Security Service, all possible measures were being taken to provide assistance to those affected as a result of the terrorist attack in the Crocus City Hall.

The FSB said the special services are carrying out active search measures following the emergency in the Crocus complex.

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