A socio cultural and political group in the Southwest Nigeria, Afenifere Renewal Group(ARG), has congratulated President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his Vice , Senator Kashim Shettima on their swearing in .

The ARG enthused that Nigerians would surely be redirected to the path of sanity and radical growth, with Tinubu and Shettima in the saddle of governance at the nation’s presidency.

The Global News reports that aocio-political and cultural body called on all Yoruba Patriots to rally support for the new President and his goverment, saying Tinubu’s success would automatically bring respect to the Yoruba race.

In a statement by the ARG’s Public Secretary in Ekiti State,Hon Michael Ogungbemi and made available to journalists in Ado Ekiti,on Monday, the group urged Tinubu to live up to the expectations of Nigerians to avert internal unrest and further division in the polity.

The group said the President must bear in mind that the Nigeria nationals elected him with high hope that things will be better than the previous governments, advising that the current government shouldn’t shatter the confidence reposed in it by Nigerians.

It posited that time has come for all Nigerians to drop the toga of harsh and caustic opposition and coalesce physical and mental resources to take Nigeria out of the doldrums of economic depression, insecurity, joblessness and tribal and religious unrests.

Of particular reference, the ARG charged the Southwest region to rally support for President Tinubu to be able to discharge his duties as promised and bring honour and respect to the Yoruba race.

It said; “We congratulate our new President, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his Vice, Senator Kashim Shettima on this epoch making event of their swearing in,which came to fruition after a long tortuous journey. It was a victory well deserved.

“They must work day and night with the right team to bring succour to the hapless Nigerians. They came at a time when things were in disarray; when hope seems to be illusive, but they must offer themselves as the Messiahs the country has been waiting for , so that they can etch their names in gold.

“We quite appreciate the fact that President Tinubu is a democrat par excellence and administrator with intimidating track records. We are incurably hopeful that he will live up to the biddings of restoring the Nigeria’s lost glory in all facets with this opportunity.

“In doing this, he must work with the right team and deserved Patriots across all the zones and tribes of Nigeria for the sake of promoting competency and inclusivity we are thirstily craving for.

“President Tinubu must spare no efforts and contacts to destroy the tentacles of poverty, insecurity in the forms of dangerous and senseless killings of innocent Nigerians, joblessness that was causing social unrests and mutual distrust among tribes and religions.

“As you saunter into the presidential Villa, President Tinubu must have this at the back of his heart that he is having a date with destiny and history. Becoming President is a lifetime ambition for him and he must make good history with this ambition God had enabled him to realise.

“As Afenifere and Yoruba Patriots, we are resolute to back President Tinubu to succeed and we urge all Nigerians to have the same spirit in the overall interest of all of us”.

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