…says Ondo State can settle its challenges.

Amid the ongoing political turmoil in Ondo State, the Chairman, Board of Trustees of Egalitarian Mission for Africa, EMA, Dr Kayode Ajulo, OON, a renowned jurist and international arbitrator, has called upon stakeholders and elders within the state to intervene and resolve the crisis. Ajulo firmly believes that Ondo State possesses the internal capacity to overcome its challenges, and he has urged these key stakeholders to establish a reconciliation committee for the betterment of the state and its people.

Ajulo expressed his confidence in Ondo State’s ability to address its challenges independently, stating, “Ondo State can resolve its issues without external intervention.”

His statements came in response to the political turbulence surrounding the prolonged absence of Governor Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu and the impeachment process of Deputy Governor Mr. Lucky Aiyedatwa, which has generated unwarranted enmity among political players and their followers in the state, indirectly disrupting smooth governance.

“This intervention is necessary following my interactions with several stakeholders in the State in recent times which indicated that there is room for reconciliation of issues. The calls for this have been from within and outside of the country. Everyone is watching and no sensible and reasonable soul and a patriotic citizen could ignore the palpable development in the State. The State needs to move forward to ensure that the welfare, well-being, and security of the people of the State are paramount and not personal interests,” Ajulo said.

Speaking through EMA media director, Yusuf Abdullahi Danladi, from Abuja on Saturday after an emergency meeting of EMA where the ongoing Isreal and Palestine War and Ondo State issues among other developments were reviewed, Ajulo emphasized, “Ondo State has faced a series of challenges recently, and it’s undeniable that these issues are affecting the well-being of its citizens and hindering the state’s overall progress. While I acknowledge that governance continues in Ondo State, it is evident that conflicting interests are currently impeding the state from functioning as smoothly as it should.”

To address this crisis, Ajulo called for the establishment of a reconciliation committee, comprising representatives from both the political class and the public. He drew upon Ondo State’s history, emphasizing its tradition of involving its people in reconciliation efforts, especially during complex times.

Ajulo further outlined the composition of the proposed committee, which would ideally include respected state elders such as Chief Rueben Fasoranti, Basorun Sehinde Arogbofa, Chief Olu Falae, General Bajowa, Prince Adetokubo Kayode SAN, former Governor Olusegun Mimiko, former Deputy Governors, former Speakers of the House of Assembly as well as Chief Judge and head of the State judiciary, senators from the three senatorial districts, the eight members of the House of Representatives, two traditional rulers from each district, religious leaders, and youth and women representatives.

He firmly stated that allowing the National Assembly to take over the state’s affairs over an issue that could be amicably resolved would be detrimental to Ondo State’s development.

“We should all heed this call for a reconciliation committee to address Ondo State’s political crisis as a sign of our deep commitment to the state’s well-being and an appeal for peaceful, state-led solutions to its challenges,” Ajulo said.”

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