The last 72 hours in Nigeria have been the story of a man, Lucky Orimisan Ayedatiwa. Literally meanings of his name are: Lucky “The Opportunist/Privileged/favoured’, Orimisan “The man whose head brings good fortune”, Aiyedatiwa “The world is now ours”. Truly these names have deep meanings within Yoruba entomology. It’s a name with prophetic meanings and seeing such come to pass in one’s lifetime calls for sober reflection and appreciating the supreme being, God, Olodumare, Allah, Orisa-Oke or the ‘gods’ that such individual worships.

However, is it enough to be lucky? In politics, you actually do not need to answer to lucky as a name, before you could be lucky, privileged, favoured or opportune to serve the people. We’ve seen, heard and read of persons becoming governors, presidents and top government functionaries just by recommendation; everyone is lucky to lead. As a matter of fact, one of the words of wisdom of the Yoruba people says “Igba lonigba nlo, eni’a kan o l’aye” meaning “No one owns the world, we only have times and seasons”. The holy books of the Muslims and Christians also say this in unique ways.

The politics of Ondo State in the last couple of weeks should serve as a great warning for the new Governor of Ondo State and everyone who is/to become a leader, either in politics or the corporate world. Leaders are not loved; leaders are only used by different interests to achieve various goals. The swearing-in of Mr. Aiyedatiwa is instructive to note that if care is not taken, those who hid their own goods inside his luggage might make this new Aiye (era) a complete contraflow from his acclaimed cherished and loved boss, Arakunrin (the man himself), Oluwarotimi (God with me), Akeredolu (the tiniest who became the chief cornerstone).

Akeredolu was the best in his time among his peers, in unifying the nation. He gave his best to uphold the omoluabi tenets in character, hard work, gallantry, respect, dedication, and wealth. It was on record that the Yoruba States were more coordinated and organised as a region under his leadership as the Chairman of the Nigeria Governors Forum (South West). He resisted the dreaded gun-wielding herders and fought like a man. He supported the Security architecture of Ondo and even the baby Amotekun will ‘everything’ a Governor should provide. He led from the front. We won’t forget so soon, how he was able to handle the kidnaps in Ondo State and the 2021 attack in the Church. What a Governor!

Aketi wasn’t a product of luck, he came prepared for leadership. Not an accidental Governor. He was the Attorney General of Ondo State at a young age. He was a Senior Advocate of Nigeria. He was President of the Nigeria Bar Association. He was fulfilled as a person, a husband, a father, a lawyer, a politician, party man, a community man, a Christian, and a Nigerian.

He lived and died fulfilled!

Yes, like I mentioned earlier, what lessons could we learn from all of these?

Rotimi Akeredolu, SAN:
In the curve of life, “all these things” that we crave for would one time have no meaning if our health, life, and existence is threatened. Money and power can be shamed (Oju maa n ti Owo ati Agbara)! Health is wealth. Do People really like Rotimi Akeredolu, No! Do they like Governor Rotimi Akeredolu, Yes! When he was fit as a man, he handed over ‘voluntarily’ to his deputy as Ag. Governor. But when he was unfit, his cabals who were more interested in his title than his health moved to change this will, and planned to oust the deputy. These is now history, any ways. Who truly loves him? His first family, Betty and (grand) children. Love your family, nobody truly loves you more than your spouse and children. When the jungle matures, alignment and realignments would begin.

Betty Akeredolu:
She probably came at the wrong time. A time where woman must not speak for/on behalf of their husband. A non-indigenous wife “atohunrinwa lasanlasan” as being said in some quarters. The woman that suppose to be in the oza room or at best be beside her husband and allow the politicians to run their game. The day Akeredolu was elected as Governor; Betty also became a pseudo-Governor. If Ondo people need a sit-down-there Wife of Governor, then elect a chauvinist as Governor. No man who loves his wife would separate his government from his wife. As a matter of fact, He is; because she is. Betty gave her best to distract people from the health of her husband. Always on the media. A fighter indeed. She stood her ground for her husband’s political family. However, lessons learnt.

Mr. Speaker and the Cabal:
The Rt. Hon. Sir, politics is a game, true. Can we adopt the 4-way test in our politics, please? Put yourself in the Governor or Deputy Governor’s shoes. Is it the truth? Is it fair to all concerned? The actions of the assembly, before and even after meeting the president showed that the cabal is aware that Aketi would die at a specific time and they were just working to the answer, Haba! He was not respected. I think it’s most honourable for Honorable Speaker to resign now. He can’t expect the new Governor to trust him and the cabal. That loyalty can never be respected. As a matter of fact, the cabal would be retired.

The Political Class:
Aketi’s death altered so many things, both in the APC and opposition camp. For instance, if he was alive, Aiyedatiwa as Ag. Governor could be pressured not to contest. He could be forced to resign. The cabal could produce the next candidate. The ‘National’ could also present a fresh candidate to settle scores. There could be peace talk on power sharing. But a contest holding August/September 2024 and Primary election in March (less than 90days) can only be prosecuted by formidable candidature and big names. Among other giants, a descent contest between Lucky Aiyedatiwa, Olusola Oke, Jimoh Ibrahim, Segun Abraham and +/-(x), where x is an Abuja candidate, would be interesting in days ahead.

Is PDP still alive? The Ex-gladiator seems to be in Governor Lucky’s camp with the warm yoruba greetings “A ku oriire o”.

Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa:
Like I’d said earlier, it’s not enough to be lucky. We only have a time and season. What would the people say about His Excellency? Accidental Public Servant or a God-sent at a time like this? Surely, He now has the right of first refusal at the March 2024 election; so lucky he is, as the leader of the State, party and the good people of Ondo State. Isn’t it right to rebuild the confidence and trust of the party at State and National? Starting with destroying the projects of the late Governor wasn’t a good kick off. Singing high praises of Arakunrin, without at any-point, mentioning his wife’s name, the Chief mourner, or any of the children, was a big oversight!

Your Excellency, time flies! Those chanting hosanna were the same who said crucify him just 72hrs at Golgotha. They did this to Arakunrin, they’d gladly do even more, if that would ensure their interest is protected. Mr. Governor, it’s never about you, it’s always about ‘their’ interest!

“Woe unto you, when they sign praises of you, they did this to older prophets”

…Anyone can be lucky; nobody owns the world. We will leave this world, DEAD!

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