By Oluwasegun Aina

All roads lead to Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria on 3rd of August, 2023 for the Grand Opening of Vata City Center. Vata City Akure is a story of commitment and sportsmanship with dedication to improve hospitality; a very impressive hospitality touch breathed into the “Sunshine State” capital of the home state of the visionary founder, Hon. Tajudeen Adefisoye popularly known as Small Alhaji, who was the Immediate past Deputy Chairman on Army of 9th Nigerian House of Representatives the fantastic edifice will no doubt prove him as a man of high repute as commendable gestures congratulations are in order.
Adefisoye who deem it fit to build it in no other State than his State.
Vata City Center is complete with all the trappings of luxury and relaxation a lush oasis with use of mankind in all forms.

The story of Vata City Center, Akure is quite bigger than a mere investment in the hospitality industry. Perfectly structured with class of touch to improve standard of business in Ondo State as personality from other state will also consider the place as perfect choice for business transaction in hospitality and tourism world. It’s more a story of passionate commitment and patriotism than a business idea put in place by Hon. Tajudeen Adefisoye, a native of Idanre in Ondo State. Built to standard as to compete favorably in any hospitality industry anywhere on the planet, Vata City Center could generate quadruple returns on investment were it located in Lagos, Abuja or any other bigger city in Nigeria like Rivers State. Honestly speaking, the initiative of Vata City Center, Akure is a booster for booming hospitality industry than Ondo State. It will be on record that Vata City Center is a good idea for perfect development for business development in Ondo State.

The elegance and classy touch of the digitized Vata City wouldn’t come as a surprise to people who know Small Alhaji closely because is a Man with perfect choice of taste. He’s a perfectionist whose concern to details is non-negotiable. The digitized atmosphere of Vata City, Akure is so detailed as to be equipped with Bluetooth for guests to enjoy files on their personal devices in the privacy of their rooms; all at an unbeatable and quite affordable rates. The 24hr restaurant/room service for exquisite foreign and local cuisines and the poolside snacks sheds offering light chops for guests round the clock gives the best possible hospitality service one could expect in a hotel of international rating.

The architectural beauty complimented by the classy simplicity and the awesome sophistication embedded in the design and the service template of Vata City, Akure paints in many ways the perfectionist identity of Hon. Tajudeen Adefisoye aka Small Alhaji could ever be. One could, on a first visit, easily perceive a clear determination to impress guests and disabuse their minds of the erroneous impression of Ondo State being fast growing state. Plans to sustain this determination and improve where necessary are also very obvious till lifetime.

In Vata City, Akure, there’s simply no room for error. Every aspect of the functionality of the Hotel is tailored to follow an unmistakable routine to achieve the best of professional perfection. Everything to make one’s stay memorable and enjoyable has been taken care of to the last possible detail — even the very affordable rates. No effort, from physical to digitized, is spared to observe and detect even the minutest overlooked details for prompt improvement of the quality of services rendered.
Hon. Tajudeen Adefisoye aka Small Alhaji has made an indelible imprint on the socio-economic map of Ondo State worthy of emulation and commendable. This is to congratulate the businessman, acute politician on the successful completion of Vata City, Akure while wishing him breakthrough in all areas of Life leading to Stardom. May Allah rewards him abundantly for this kind and humane gesture. Cheers to Greatness, Hon.

Oluwasegun Aina, a Journalist and Public Affairs Analyst, writes from Ilero Street, Ifaki-Ekiti.

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