A bill proposing the establishment of 47 new universities has successfully passed the second reading. This will make the number of federal-owned universities in Nigeria hit 99 in the coming months.

Concurrently, around 56 bills, aiming to establish Federal Medical Centres in various regions of the country, have also advanced through the second reading.

As of now, Nigeria has 52 federal universities, and certain states within the federation host more than one of these institutions.

The House is also considering various bills to establish about 32 Federal Colleges of Education, 11 Federal Colleges of Agriculture and five Federal Polytechnics in addition to the already existing institutions.

In addition to the 52 federal universities, there are 22 federal medical centres, 27 federal colleges of education and 40 polytechnics in Nigeria.

Some of the bills were either passed during the 9th Assembly but lacked the necessary concurrence at the Senate to proceed or were not signed by the President.

When established, some of the institutions will include Universities of Science and Technology, Agriculture, Aviation, Medicals, and Engineering, among others.

Findings revealed that the House is also considering various bills to establish Colleges of Vocational and Skill Acquisition, Cancer Research and Entrepreneurship.

A study of the House order paper listing the institutions and other bills under consideration revealed that Lagos State, for example, has requested the establishment of three new Federal Medical Centres in addition to the already existing one.

Recall that Speaker of the House of Representatives, Tajudeen Abbas, in his address to House members on December 30, 2023, highlighted that the Green Chamber received and deliberated on 962 bills, 500 motions, and 153 petitions within a span of six months.

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