Ekiti APC Intellects has dismissed the recent allegations against Otunba Lekan Oyebanji, the brother of the Ekiti State Governor, and High Chief Judge Awe, the Special Adviser to the Governor on Political and Inter-Governmental Affairs. The group condemns the claims as baseless and a smear campaign intended to undermine their reputation and political contributions.

According to a statement signed by the Publicity Secretary of Ekiti APC Intellects, Oso Temitope, the accusations stem from “non-existent, fictitious, and marauding” sources, whom the group deems as attempting to tarnish the Governor’s reputation through a divisive and dishonest agenda. The group asserts that both accused individuals have played instrumental roles in supporting the Governor’s initiatives and in the growth of the party.

The EKITI APC INTELLECTS calls upon the citizens of Ekiti State to disregard the allegations, labeling them as mere “character assassination.”

Read the full statement below:


The attention of “EKITI APC INTELLECTS” has been drawn to a malicious allegations against the persons of Otunba Lekan Oyebanji, the immediate brother to the Governor of Ekiti State and a revered leader of our great Party and former Chairman of APC in the state, High Chief Judge Awe, who is currently the Special Adviser to the Governor on Political and Inter-Governmental Affairs.

We would have ordinarily ignore the ignoble report as it lacks merit and iota of truth, but for the unsuspecting members of the public who might be deceived by such concocted lies and blackmail against the two illustrious personalities.

While those who lay claimed to the allegations as mentioned in the said demeaning reports can be described as non existence, fictitious and marauders who in their imagination chooses to join their co-travellers in their devilish, nefarious and unholy mission to drag the prestigious name of our performing Governor in the mud all in the name of Bad Belle politics and attempt to hijack the state for selfish purposes.

One can easily described their latest ploy as a case of cowardice who resulted to character assassination having been defeated by the unprecedented performance of Governor Biodun Abayomi Oyebanji in just 300 days in office.

We are calling on the good people of Ekiti State, home and abroad, to disregard the said report and trash it into the garbage heap where it belongs. Otunba Lekan Oyebanji has been an easy going person and a support pillar to the building of the good name Oyebanji family has earned over the decades. He could not have been found wanting of such non existence and spurious allegations, not even when he has continue to play a supportive role to his brother, the Governor, and he can not be excluded amongst those behind the increasing performance of our dear Governor.

As for Chief Jide Awe, it is only the noephytes and Interlopers who would not recognize and appreciate his sacrifices to the stability of our great Party APC and the effort made by him and other notable leaders to ensure the enthronement of APC-led government in Ekiti State. It is unethical on the part of the writers of the malicious report to think High Chief Jide Awe will embark on demolishing the house he laboured and almost lost everything to build.

Ekiti APC belongs to all of us and we are proud having a Governor who does things within the framework of constituted laws. How on earth will anyone thinks Mr.Governor who emerged through democratic process will indulge hand-picking as alleged. Those who have scores to settle with leaders in their wards and communities should do so by aligning with laid down procedures and not to adopt blackmails of innocent people to achieve their political desires.

However, it is important to state that those behind the spurious report can not stampede the government of Biodun Abayomi Oyebanji to do their bidding. The Ekiti State APC under the leadership of Barrister Paul Omotosho will conduct free, fair, and credible primary elections into Chairmanship and Councillorship positions in the forthcoming Local Government elections in the state.

Oso Temitope
Ekiti APC Intellects

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