Today, on February 11, 2024, the African Youth Congress (AYC), the largest youth movement on the African continent with chapters spanning across all African countries, marks its first anniversary. A beacon of hope for Africans, the AYC stands as an independent organization founded by passionate African youths committed to restoring the dignity of the black race. The mission of the AYC is to promote positive behavior, normative conduct, and racial equality across the continent.

In acknowledgment of Africa’s prolonged struggle, characterized by chaos and influenced by historical subjugation, the AYC pledges to address issues perpetuated by leaders colluding with external forces. These issues include fostering ethnic discord, tribalism, religious fanaticism, racism, xenophobia, and economic disarray.

During an extended meeting held on Wednesday, comprising continental, chapter, and coordinator executives, AYC members reaffirmed their commitment to taking extraordinary measures to eliminate hostilities and reclaim what rightfully belongs to Africa.

“Our emergence aims to instigate substantive change, diversify policies, and positively impact educational programs and services,” stated Arthur Wisdom, Continental Leader and President of the African Youth Congress, during an interview via WhatsApp Video call.

Advocating for a UNITED STATE OF AFRICA, the AYC envisions a cohesive continent in economics, social welfare, and decision-making. “Our focus is on constructive growth, emphasizing the dignity of labor and positive African development,” remarked Alex Mfolomo, African Youth Congress Continental Mobilizer.

Diligently striving for a divine government in Africa, the AYC rejects the cosmic joke narrative, urging collective efforts for lasting change. “We refuse to watch the continuous manipulations of Africa. AYC embraces the responsibility of working towards a better Africa for present and future generations,” asserted Bassey Nton Nton, African Youth Congress Continental Media Team Manager.

In the 21st century, the AYC recognizes the pivotal role of African youths in democratic governance. “Their active participation is not just necessary for power balance but essential for Africa’s holistic growth. We call upon leaders to refrain from exploiting Africa, threatening peace, unity, and progress,” emphasized Sunganani Ngwira, AYC International Chief Executive Officer.

AYC’s Mission and Vision

Mastery Media uncovers that the African Youth Congress is not a political group but a pressure group seeking and promoting the liberation of Africans. Addressing African youth inequality among their counterparts, the AYC advocates for the healthy utilization of African natural resources and emphasizes African independence from reliance on the Western world.

Rejecting bribery, corruption, and the embezzlement of African resources, the AYC stands against bad leadership and disunity promoted by self-serving politicians. Its primary objective is to unite Africa and break free from perfidious leaders and external influences destabilizing the continent.

AYC’s Three Vital Steps for Freedom

Engage in campaigns, activism, and social media activities to mobilize African youths into the AYC movement.
Participate in political activities to challenge and reform the current government in Africa.
Establish tutorial classes in real and virtual communities for interaction, information sharing, idea exchange, and implementing lasting solutions for challenges in Africa.
AYC’s Mission Statement:

The mission of the African Youth Congress is to unite and empower people of African descent worldwide, fostering solidarity, cultural preservation, and socioeconomic progress. We strive for the eradication of systemic injustices, promotion of Pan-African unity, and the realization of a prosperous and equitable future for all African diaspora communities.

AYC’s Vision Statement:

The African Youth Congress envisions a world where people of African descent, irrespective of their geographical location, stand united and proud of their heritage. We aspire to eliminate racial discrimination, poverty, and inequality through Pan-Africanism, creating a prosperous, inclusive, and harmonious community that honors African culture, history, and contributions.

Africa, We Build.

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