The Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) conducted an on-the-spot check on Sahad Stores in Abuja on February 16, 2024, leading to the temporary closure of the store due to continued violations involving misleading pricing and lack of transparency.

Earlier, on January 8, 2024, the FCCPC investigated Sahad Stores following reports of misleading pricing practices. The investigation revealed that Sahad Stores displayed lower prices on shelves and charged higher prices at checkout, contravening Section 115 of the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Act (FCCPA) 2018.

The investigation included all Sahad Stores branches in Abuja to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the issue and implement corrective measures across the entire chain.

The FCCPC promptly issued a summons to specific Sahad Stores staff, asking them to appear on February 12, 2024, to discuss corrective measures. However, the staff failed to appear without justification, raising concerns about potential violations under Section 33(3) of the FCCPA.

Consequently, on February 16, 2024, FCCPC operatives visited Sahad Stores and confirmed through random checks that the deceptive practice did not only continue, but cashiers also charged prices at their discretion, leaving unsuspecting customers vulnerable to unfair pricing. Exercising its authority under Section 18(f), the Commission temporarily sealed the premises.

However, following a mutual understanding and commitment from Sahad Stores to implement transparent pricing practices, the FCCPC reopened the store on February 16, 2024, at about 7:00 PM.

Businesses are expected to display transparent pricing information to empower consumers to make informed purchasing decisions, especially during challenging economic times. The FCCPC remains committed to combating all forms of exploitative or misleading practices that undermine consumer rights. The FCCPA protects consumer rights and prohibits deceptive business practices. Section 115 outlines potential penalties for violations, including fines for organisations and imprisonment for directors.

The FCCPC encourages all businesses to adhere to fair and transparent pricing practices to ensure consumer protection and a healthy market environment.

Dr. Adamu Abdullahi
Ag. Executive Vice Chairman/Chief Executive Officer

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