Mohammed Idris, the Minister of Information and National Orientation has refuted a news report regarding an alleged coup scare in the country, emphasizing that the report is entirely untrue and constitutes a malicious act of disinformation.

The Global News reports that the Minister stated that the report is a product of the distorted imagination of detractors, whose ulterior motive is to sow seeds of instability and undermine the current administration.

He affirmed that the government remains resolute and undeterred, refusing to be swayed or intimidated into deviating from the ongoing reforms designed to revitalize the economy and pave the way for prosperity for the citizens.

Idris emphasized that it has become clear that certain individuals, driven by desperation, have turned to disseminating false information to undermine public confidence in the government and foster discord within the country.

The Minister noted that the government would exercise its rights within the Federal Republic of Nigeria’s laws to contain rogue actions to destabilize national security and the nation’s hard-earned democracy.

Idris urged the public to exercise discernment and refrain from disseminating or amplifying the baseless report, which is being strategically propagated on certain compliant and compromised news platforms to undermine the nation’s democracy.

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