The Federal Government of Nigeria has announced an indefinite postponement of the launching of Student Loan Scheme.

The Executive Secretary of the Nigerian Education Loan Fund, Akintunde Sawyer, disclosed this news during an interview with ARISE NEWS.

The launch of the scheme, initially slated for September to October 2023 following President Bola Tinubu’s signing of the bill into law, faced several setbacks. Femi Gbajabiamila, the former Speaker of the House of Representatives, spearheaded the bill with optimism for its prompt execution.

Despite assurances from Tinubu that the program would start in January 2024, preparations remained behind schedule. Minister of State for Education, Yusuf Sununu, confirmed the completion of essential groundwork during a January meeting, including the establishment of the Student Loan Scheme website and comprehensive planning for its implementation.

Furthermore, Tinubu, in talks with leaders of the National Association of Nigerian Students, hinted at the incorporation of vocational studies into the program, suggesting potential further delays as additional features were under consideration.

Amid mounting anticipation, Sawyer delivered disheartening news just 48 hours before the scheduled launch, citing the necessity for corrections and alignment among stakeholders as grounds for postponement. This abrupt decision left many prospective students uncertain about the fate of the scheme.

The series of delays surrounding the Nigerian Students Loan Scheme highlights the hurdles associated with implementing substantial educational reforms in the country, leaving aspiring students and stakeholders in a state of uncertainty.

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