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Governor Biodun Oyebanji’s administration has no doubt started with a full complement of his team comprising Commissioners, Special Advisers, and other Special Assistants. The most interesting part of the list is that it comprises both Ekiti at home and in the diaspora who are grounded in the capacity and expertise to assist the governor to achieve his campaign promises to the good people of Ekiti State.

This team has been carefully selected by the Governor to assist him in making informed decisions, formulating policies, and managing various aspects of government administration.

In recognition of the Constitutional role played by Commissioners and Special Advisers in any State’s governance structure, these diverse individuals bring a wide range of qualifications, experiences, expertise, and extensive networks to the table. They have been appointed based on their knowledge and skills in specific fields such as economics, education, healthcare, agriculture, infrastructure, and social services.

One of the key strengths of the Oyebanji’s team lies in their diversity of backgrounds, experiences and capabilities. This diversity ensures a balanced approach to policy-making and decision-making, as it brings together different perspectives that contribute to comprehensive solutions to address the needs of all citizens.

Again, the gender diversity among the team is a thing of great emphasis. According to the Governor, the gender balance in his appointment is to promote inclusivity in governance and enhance the effectiveness of policies and programs.

As one begins to x-ray the profiles of these appointees, it could be seen that some of them possess an intricately intimidating and incisive career that will surely propel Ekiti State to becoming a leading state in the area of transparency in budgeting, economy, agriculture, investment, and social inclusion.

These appointments are crucial in implementing the Governor Oyebanji’s agenda and ensuring effective governance at the state level.

Let me at this juncture dissect four of the members of the team who have exceptionally stood out in their chosen fields and who have an enormous capacity to play specific roles in the administration.

They are:
Mr. Oyeniyi Adebayo – Overseeing the Ministry of Budget, Economic Planning, and Performance Management; Mr. Boluwade Ebenezer, Commissioner in charge of Agriculture and Food Security; Mrs. Tayo Adeola manning the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Investment; and Adetoun Agboola, Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Social Inclusion.

Mr. Oyeniyi Adebayo

Adebayo is the Commissioner for Budget, Economic Planning, and Performance Management

He holds a wealth of experience in banking and financial management, along with an intimidating academic accomplishments.
Adebayo had his first degree and M.Sc from the University of Ibadan. He obtained his MBA from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, USA, and is an Associate of Chartered Accountant (ACA), also an Associate, at the Chartered Institute of Taxation (ACIT).

He started his career at Arthur Andersen where he rose to the level of Audit Manager. He also worked with various financial institutions like Merrill Lynch in the USA, Capital Alliance Private Equity Lagos, Wema Bank, Head of Strategy, UBA, Regional Director Mainland Bank, and Executive Director Enterprise Bank (now Heritage Bank).
He also served as Chief Executive Officer of Bodani Advisory Services Limited before he was sspotted and convinced by the Governor to serve as Special Adviser on Budgets and Economic Planning before being appointed as Commissioner.

Mr. Boluwade Ebenezer:

He is Commissioner in charge of Agriculture and Food Security, before then, he was the Special Adviser to the Governor in the same capacity. Ebenezer boasts a substantial banking and agribusiness background, having held various positions since starting his career as a Project Supervisor in 2002. An alumnus of Lagos Business School, Victoria Island, Lagos, Ebenezer has an extensive working experience in banking and agribusiness. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture from the University of Ilorin (2002) where he was the Best Graduating Student of his department. He also has a Masters degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Ibadan (2007).

He started his working career as Project Supervisor, Yobe State Agric Development Programme in 2002. He later joined Oceanic Bank in 2004, where he held different positions till 2011. He joined Sterling Bank in 2011 and served at different times as Head of Agric Finance, Agribusiness Strategy and, Planning. He also worked with NIRSAL in the implementation of CBN Anchor Borrowers

Before his appointment, the Emure-Ekiti born Agric Expert was Agricultural Specialist at the United State Mission in Nigeria where the governor discovered and persuaded him to be part of his team.

Mrs. Tayo Adeola

The Commissioner for Industry, Trade, and Investment. An Investment Banker with over 30 years cognate experience and impressive career in originating, structuring and executing complex transactions, Treasury Management, Securities Trading, Business Development, Risk Management, Asset and Wealth Management. She holds a degree in Economics from the Ondo State University, Ado-Ekiti (now Ekiti State University) and a Master’s Degree in banking and Finance from the University of Lagos. She has professional Capital Market qualification in Securities Trading and as Associate- Chartered Institute of Stckbroking; and General Management Trainings at the Lagos Business School; Dublin Business School; University of Witwatersrand, National University of Singapore and Harvard Law School.

Mrs Adeola began her career with Icon Limited (Merchant bankers) in 1991 and joined Consolidated Discounts Limited in 1996 as a pioneer security dealer and managed assets in excess of $1.2 billion. She later served as a divisional Director (business development) at Consolidated Discounts Limited; Managing Director of Capital Express assets and Trust Limited and Vice President, Bank of America Merrill Lynch International where she managed assets in excess of $50 billion.

She founded Restorium Capital Limited, an Africa-focused Financial Advisory and project financing/capital raising firm based in Dublin, Ireland and Lagos where she was hijacked by the governor to leave her comfort zone in order to serve her state. Mrs Adeola hails from Ado-Ekiti.

Before I hang my pen, let me talk briefly about another interesting and brilliant personality in the Oyebanji’s team. She’s Mrs. Adetoun Funmilayo Agboola who serves as Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Social Inclusion.

Adetoun brings remarkable skills in Special Education, designing tailored learning interventions for children with cognitive/developmental disabilities. Her proficiency in handling special needs case portfolios, give concise assessment, design monitoring plans, reviewing case progress and determining transitions for children with severe conditions is excellent.

Adetoun is an inclusion realist with proven tacks skills in mainstream school support for children with special needs. In her last role as a SENCO, she got her department accredited by the International Baccalaureate team on worldwide special education core standards and practices.

She is a team builder and provides leadership and monitoring to multi-disciplinary colleagues in the industry.

Adetoun has a M. Ed Special Education; B. Ed Special Education with a bias in Audiology and Speach Pathology. She is also a Board Certified Cognitive Specialist of IBCCES and an alumna of the prestigious Pan Atlantic University.

Adetoun’s role in the Oyebanji’s government is to bring Social inclusion into all aspects of governance. This is to ensure that all individuals, regardless of their background, identity, or circumstances, can participate fully in the economic, social, and cultural life of their communities. It aims to reduce inequalities, promote diversity, and create a sense of belonging for everyone.

BAO believes that Social Inclusion plays a significant role in governance by ensuring that policies, decisions, and actions are designed to include all members of society.

“It helps governments create more equitable societies by addressing disparities, providing equal opportunities, and giving a voice to marginalized groups,” the Governor said.

This approach and policy of Governor Oyebanji will definitely lead to better policy outcomes and more stable Ekiti State.

Not minding the weight of these aforementioned appointees and individuals, Governor Oyebanji has lauded their dedications and intellects and abilities to giving amazing services to the good people of Ekiti State despite their worth in the global economic environment.

The Governor also emphasized their pivotal roles in laying the foundation for the state’s future progress. He has also challenged them with compassion, firmness, magnanimity, and a sense of responsibility to both the people of Ekiti and God.

Adl is a Public Analyst and Social Media Evangelist

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