The impressive development of globalization and communication networks has profoundly changed the figure of the diplomat. The 21st-century diplomat has adapted its role to this continuously and rapidly evolving context. The functions of the diplomat in this century remain the same: representation, negotiation, promotion of friendly relationships between their and other countries, protecting citizens living abroad, gathering and analyzing information of the socio-economic and political context and if that is what is required of a great diplomat, then I give it to Amb. Anderson Madubike, the Nigeria Amb. to Australia.

Yes Nigeria is a great nation with great diplomats and someone who is making Nigeria and her people proud at the International fora is ambassador to Australia, Anderson Madubike who since resumption as Nigeria Ambassador to Australia has continued to promote made in Nigeria brands and the interest of Nigerians in Australia like no any other and in a manner that makes one proud of his or her country. Amb. Anderson Madubike, in his nature mastered very well the act of taking his time to listen attentively to everyone, and he not only provides solutions to your challenges, he will follow you up to ensure your success.

From the Diaspora youth coalition for good governance in Nigeria, their testimonies about Amb. Anderson Madubike proved to satisfaction that Nigerians and Nigeria can stand like giants before international communities. Even though the role of the diplomat is to promote the country’s national interests and keep ties with other countries open, the Nigeria Ambassador to Australia Amb. Anderson Madubike has always presented that father figure image to Nigerians in Australia irrespective of tribe or religion.

The group present Amb. Anderson Madubuike as the only credible alternative for the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs under the administration of President Bola Tinubu.

Speaking about the Ambassador, the former president of Nigeria students in Australia, Comrade Tochukwu Onah noted that Amb. Madubike is a true Nigerian patriot whose legacy in the Nigeria embassy in Australia will continue to boost the image of the country in decades to come. In his words, “For us Nigeria youths here, we are lucky and blessed to have Amb. Anderson Madubike. You know youths with one or two issues every time, but what gladdens everyone’s heart is the speed and attention their complaints received and treated.

Also speaking, another Nigeria student leader in Australia, Yusuf Amina, the role of Amb. Anderson Madubike, in educational empowerment through mediating for easy migration of Nigerians to Australia to further their studies, is next to none and quite commendable. I pray for the blessings and favour of God upon his life.

Another Australia resident, Dr. Kola Ayorinde praised Amb. for his role in lifting the image of the country in Australia. According to him, “Amb Anderson’s role in the affairs of the Nigeria embassy in Australia has made Nigerians in Australia walk with their shoulders high, which is a thing of pride. I sincerely commend his wisdom and patriotic spirit.

Comr. Tochukwu Onah urge President Bola Tinubu to appoint Amb. Anderson Madubuike as the minister of foreign affairs. He is a technocrat who can drive the affairs of Nigerians in diaspora with commitment.

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