In every community, progress and development hinge on effective leadership. As the Ado Central Local Council Development Area (LCDA) seeks visionary and capable leadership, there emerges a candidate who is a seasoned community advocate.

Hon. Sunday Olaleye stands as the right man for the job.

With a track record of excellence, dedication, and passion for his community, he is well-prepared to lead Ado Central LCDA into a brighter future.

He will prioritize transparency and accountability in governance. He envisions a future where the people of Ado Central are active participants in decision-making processes, ensuring that the voice of every citizen is heard and valued. By fostering an inclusive and participatory government, Hon. Olaleye aims to create a strong sense of community ownership and shared responsibility for the LCDA’s progress.

As the Ado Central LCDA looks to the future, it is essential to rally behind a candidate with a proven track record of competence, passion, and proactive leadership.

By supporting Hon. Olaleye’s candidacy, you are endorsing a leader who will champion the interests of Ado Central with dedication and integrity. His inclusive approach to governance ensures that the concerns of every citizen are acknowledged and addressed, making him the ideal candidate to lead Ado Central LCDA towards prosperity and progress.

Support Hon. Sunday Olaleye for Ado Central LCDA Chairman

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