The Defence Headquarters has provided an explanation for the prevailing peace in the South-West region of the country in 2023.

While acknowledging that states in the South-West region encountered pockets of kidnapping, robbery, illegal arms trafficking, and farmer-herder clashes, the DHQ has explained the overall stability in the area.

The Global News reports that Defence Headquarters also states that the naira redesign introduced during the last administration and fuel scarcity sparked violence in the region.

Major-General Edward Buba, the Director of Defence Media Operation, revealed on Friday in Abuja that soldiers were deployed to the South-West region to prevent the influx of terrorists from Kogi and Niger states, emphasizing their role in maintaining security and preventing potential threats.

Major-Gen Buba said,  “The South-West Geo-political zone has remained largely calm. Within the year, the zone has witnessed cases of armed robbery, illegal arms trafficking, kidnappings, and farmer-herder clashes.

“It also witnessed violent protests orchestrated by the Central Bank of Nigeria naira redesign policy and fuel scarcity. Illegal oil bunkering was also a challenge, particularly in Ikorodu, Atlas Cove, Badagry, and Ogere.”

The Director of Defence Media Operation also said, “Cybercrimes and drug peddling contributed to the threat picture in the SW zone. However, the armed forces through joint efforts with other agencies, and local authorities, and increased public cooperation in sharing vital information, significantly doused these criminal activities in the zone.

“Meanwhile, the conduct of Operations AWATSE and MESA significantly stabilised the SW region.”

He added, “Additionally, (were) troops deployed to address reports of the migration of terrorists from the North-East and North-West into the South-West zone, particularly to Osun State. Accordingly, troops sustained operations in the Old Oyo National Park and Kainji Lake National Park to curb the influx of terrorists from Kogi and Niger States.”

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