Nyesom Wike, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), stated yesterday that with the alliances his political camp has forged, the 2027 elections would be a straightforward victory for them.

The former Governor of Rivers State, speaking about his preparedness for the 2027 elections during a thanksgiving service hosted by Senator Barinada Mpigi in Koroma, Tai Local Government Area of Rivers State, asserted, “With the alliances and support we have garnered, I don’t see anyone who can challenge us.

”I can tell you it is like tomorrow is 2027. For me, it is still very far, I can’t wait. The two leadership of the party, APC is here, PDP is here; where can you find that leadership unity? Which state? It is only in Rivers you can find that unity but have you asked yourself how was yesterday?

“That is what many people don’t like. When they see people united and working together, they find how to make sure they are divided but since we know, we have refused to be divided.

“This is the only state where the leading party will win for president, the opposition party will take national assembly in election that was done the same time, same minute and same hour. That is uncommon.”

While advocating for support for President Bola Tinubu’s economic reform policies in the country, Wike emphasized that it would not be straightforward to transform the nation’s fortunes in a short period.

“God in His infinite mercies will continue to give us the strength to work together to support Mr President. So many people in this country hardly remember yesterday, we are in a rush – we have problem.

“The decisions of Mr President, if we are patient by the end of the day, we will get to where we want to get to,” the minister said.

One thought on “I don’t know who can challenge us in 2027 – Wike”
  1. This one will be talking like an idiot, all he knows is rigging, so he thinks he can always get away with it. Wait God will soon surrender you to us.

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