Asst. Pastor Amowoyagi Dada Johnson, a retired Federal employee in Ondo State, is fervently appealing for assistance to complete his building project ahead of his 60th birthday on April 10, 2024. Expressing his desire for a celebratory milestone rather than a “befitting burial”.

Pastor Johnson underscores the significance of finishing his home in Oka-Akoko, Ondo State, before the auspicious occasion.

Despite reaching the roofing stage of the construction, Johnson emphasizes the financial challenges hindering the completion of his dream home. “It is only when I finished the house, moved in and celebrated the Birthday inside the house that I will have a Befitting Birthday,” he stated.

The Clerics laments that his retirement benefits and savings from a self-contributed pension scheme are insufficient to finalize the project. Johnson pleads for financial aid from well-wishers, including family, friends, colleagues, and fellow Nigerians, to realize his goal.

Acknowledging any form of contribution, Johnson provides his bank details for those willing to support his cause.

Account Number: 0023156051
Account Name: Amowoyagi Dada Johnson
Bank: GTB

Additionally, he extends his gratitude to potential donors, expressing his wish for abundance and prosperity for their households.

For those interested in assisting Pastor Johnson, he can be reached via WhatsApp or phone call at 08036077450 or 08055801137.

Let’s unite to help Johnson celebrate his 60th birthday in the warmth of his completed home.

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