By Deolu Oyebode

Reflecting this morning, I reviewed the danger caused by multiplication of identity documents. We have not less than 4 means of identification alone: the (international) passport, national identity number (NIN), biometric verification number (BVN), and driver’s license.

The reconciliation of these identities is pivotal for bolstering security and national planning. By integrating these systems, it enhances accuracy in identification, curbing identity theft and fraud, and governance. This streamlined approach expedites processes for government and financial institutions, fostering efficiency and governance.

How can we explain to the world that because about 55m Nigerian adults don’t have a Bank account in the North, was why the Ministry of Social Investment and Humanitarian Affairs would have to direct the payment of about NGN3b into a private account for cash disbursement?

Or how would the government give conditional cash support to the “poorest of the poor” when they don’t have a bank account? Isn’t it going to be through cash!

Reconciling at least one of these with others will promote financial inclusion and data integrity, thereby empowering the marginalized populations and ensuring reliable demographic information.

From my on-the-job experience, there can’t be effective policing without a reliable and reconciliation of our “Identity Management System” where everyone and anyone can be found just with one of his identities: either name, phone number, address, bank details or social media handle.

This is a strong area that is least investigated in fortifying our Nation’s security measure, while optimising governance, and advancing socioeconomic development.

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