In our contemporary society, the rate of of body exposure from the feminine gender is overwhelming, crushing our cultural dressing heritage as Nigerians.

In the time past we held high our cultural values that gave us an identity. Our dressing as Nigerians that covered all our sensitive organs made us look upright and modest before the whole world, making us worthy of emulation.

We as Nigerians took pride and heritage in the unique pattern of dressing passed down from our forefathers and down unto us. The mode of our dressing gave us a voice as women and men of substance and high potential, but this generation has outrightly smashed those cultural dress codes and unleashed a dispensation of nudity as fashionable and trend.

Let’s take the social media as a case study. When a lady uploads a picture of herself where she is decently dressed, she will have a low engagement, people will just scroll and pass, but when a lady uploads a picture of herself revealing sensitive parts of her body, it is seen as beautiful and fashionable.

Coming down to the academic sector, you find a very high rate of body exposure. Exposing sensitive parts of the body in the university is now the order of the day. This has become a normality, and the masculine gender are not even helping matters. As a fact, you see them encouraging this ladies in a way, calling them beautiful and fashionable.

The male lecturers are not left out. They pick interest in such kind of ladies and even give them good grades after an underground immorality.

Let’s then talk about the fashion world. The fashion world is a crazy world, here you see promotion of nudity as beauty and trend. In a case where they auction clothes for sale, the ones with a high exposure rate gets a good pay, while those decent ones gets little or no pay. Even the fashion magazines are not doing us any good.

Now, let’s then look at possible solutions to this uproar of global nudity using the following:

Enacting of law, in the sense that any lady found dressing in an unpleasant manner will have to pay a stipulated amount of money, and also a punishment attached to it. By so doing, the feminine gender will be conscious of what they wear and how they appear in public

Also, the academic sector can play a vital role in reducing or eradicating the rate of indecent dressing. In a situation where a student enters the classroom dressed indecently, such student should be sent out of the class immediately.

Parents and guardians play a vital role in bringing a solution to indecent dressing. They should be able to check the outfit of their wards and advise them on what and what not to wear.

To this end it is safe to say that NUDITY IS NOT BEAUTY. And if all this things being said is taken into action, our cultural dressing heritage as Nigerians will be restored back.

Omoloju Marylyn Mosiron

A Mass Communication Student, Prince Abubakar Audu University

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