Sequel to reported incidences of insecurity in the area, Ajoni Local Council Development Area of Ekiti State, has equipped the local security network codenamed Eradicate Bandits At the Borders of Rural Ajoni Communities (EBBORAC) established to ward off cases of killings and Kidnappings in the area.

This was based on the recommendations of the security and intelligence committee composed by the chairman of the council, Prince Michael Ogungbemi, which advised that the body should be empowered and strengthened to live up to expectations of the people.

The security personell drawn were from Local & Village Hunters (LVH), Oodua people’s Congress (OPC) and Vigilante Group of Nigeria,VGN recruited under the Ajoni Local Security Network code named OPERATION EBBORAC.

Ogungbemi, in a statement on Wednesday in Ayedun Ekiti, stated that OPERATION EBBORAC was saddled with the responsibility of providing three security assignment of patrolling, surveliance and intelligence gathering in order to eradicate bandits along Ekiti, Kogi & Kwara border.

Some of the materials donated included: security jackets, leventis booths and brand new motorcycles.

The council boss stresses that the support for the local security outfits would reinforce their efforts in forest combing and quick response to any security threat at the borders and forest in Ajoni territories.

“The Nigeria police who were saddled with the sole responsibility of maintaining internal security has been working in tandem with Ajoni Local Security Network to combat criminalities like banditry and kidnapping activities within the territory of Ajoni LCDA.

“We are of the firm believe that these materials will help in smoothening the mobility and rapid response to crime situations in our council”.

Prince Ogungbemi saluted Governor Biodun Abayomi Oyebanji administration, for providing the funding of these local security outfits and for his regular support towards the progress, growth and development of the LCDA.

He commended the bravery, and excellent services of the Ikole DPO Khanjallo, Area Command, men of the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) and the entire local security team in ensuring peace, safety and tranquility for the past 10 months with no banditry and kidnapping activities carried out from the hands of the dreadful, evil criminals around Ajoni borders and forest.

Meanwhile, Ogungbemi has announced the appointment of Chief Adebayo Odeyemi as the new Coordinator/General Commanding Officer for OPERATION EBBORAC.

He said Odeyemi, popularly known as IWIN will coordinate, monitor and report the activities of Ajoni Local Security Network with a charge to ensure zero level to criminalities around the borders and forest of Ajoni territories.

He added thatOdeyemi will be working closely with the already existing decentralized chains of command from the commandants of LVH~ Akogun Kehinde, OPC~Oodua Samuel Ajayi and VGN~Timothy Ogungbemi to synergised and strategise the fortification of the entire territory.

Other line officers are the 17 routes commandant’s to monitor the flash points known as red zones to avert insecurity.

In their response, operatives of the OPERATION EBBORAC were excited and grateful for this noble and wonderful gestures from the Executive Chairman of the LCDA.

They promised to return to their duty posts with more vigour and motivation to eradicate banditry and kidnapping working more closely with the Nigerian Police to maintain peace and saftey of the borders and forests in Ajoni territories.

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