The All Progressives Congress (APC) gubernatorial candidate in Kano state, Nasiru Yusuf Gawuna has embraced the Supreme Court’s verdict affirming the victory of Abba Kabir Yusuf, the incumbent Governor. 

Gawuna acknowledged it as God’s will, emphasizing his acceptance based on the belief that God’s decisions are flawless.

A five member panel of judges of the Supreme Court on Friday set aside the ruling of the lower courts and affirmed Yusuf as the lawfully elected governor of Kano.

He said: “This judgment by the Supreme Court is God’s decision, and we accept it. As we prayed, we asked that if it was good for us, He should grant us from His bounty, and if not, He should replace it with something better. We are confident that God has answered our prayers. He is All-Wise. We are grateful to Allah, the Almighty.

“Our supporters must understand that Allah, the Almighty, is the Designer of everything and has predestined this to occur. Everyone should remain calm and accept God’s decision. This is what all leaders should do after exhausting the court process.

“Even before the lawsuit, I wished him well. Our prayers are always directed to Allah to make him a just leader for all, especially now that he (Yusuf) has been confirmed as the duly elected governor of the state. Every patriotic citizen should pray this.

“We will continue to pray for all of our leaders, from the President to the councillors, to be leaders for all. My message to the people of Kano State is to live in peace and obedience. 

“They should stand firm on moral upbringing, which is deteriorating. People should keep praying. God is incapable of making mistakes. He is All-Knowing. We should continue to pray for peace in Kano State and Nigeria as a whole, as well as for Allah to bless us with wealth and health.

“Everyone knows what happened. Our party, above all, took the case to court, and we followed. Following the processes, Allah, the Almighty, made a decision, which we accepted. Islamic religion is a complete way of life. 

“We are praying to Allah for the opportunity to do the right thing, and we are confident that He will continue to assist us. Whoever knows Nasiru Yusuf Gawuna understands that Allah controls our future. He would make the decision for us.”

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