The perpetrators behind the abduction of five pupils from the Apostolic Faith Group of Schools, Emure Ekiti, along with four staff members, have issued a ransom demand of N100 million for the release of the nine victims who were abducted on Monday.

Boje Olanireti, the principal of the secondary section of the school, confirmed the ransom demand in a Tuesday interview.

The kidnapping of the schoolchildren and four staff members took place as the school bus, transporting 25 pupils home after school hours, was ambushed by gunmen in the Emure community of Ekiti State.

Providing insight into the incident’s occurrence, Olanireti explained that the abduction transpired approximately a five-minute drive from the school.

She said, “Immediately the school closed at 3pm, and by the time we gathered all the children, it was already 3:30pm. It was that time that they moved. So, the incident happened between 3:30pm and 4pm. The school is in a suburb of Emure village, so they were going back home in Eporo. The incident occurred just about a five-minute drive from the school to Eporo.

“When the gunmen attacked, the people around heard the gunshots and they came to Emure with motorcycles to inform the people in the school about what happened. We immediately reported to the police station at Emure.

“The students were over 25 on the bus when the incident happened. When the gunmen attacked them, they shot the tyre of the vehicle and asked the children to come out of the bus. They asked all of them to lie down. They picked five students and four staff members. They, after that, asked others to go.”

Olanireti added, “The five students comprise two from the secondary (school) and three from primary school while the four staff comprise two teachers, one driver and one bus assistant.

“When the parents heard about the incident, they came from Eporo and they have been making frantic efforts by reaching out to some security outfits, including the police and Amotekun.’’

“The security operatives have also been talking to the proprietor of the primary school and he has been giving them information. By the time they opened communication, they first called the husband of one of the teachers and demanded N10m for each kidnapped victim. But when they later called the headmaster, they demanded N100m for all of them.” the principal said.

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