The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has extended by one week the second phase of SIM-NIN linkage deadline.

As a reminder, the disconnection process was implemented in stages, with the second phase planned for today, March 29.

The initial phase occurred on February 28, 2024, following the directive from the NCC for telecom operators to deactivate the SIM cards of millions of subscribers who had not linked their SIMs with their NINs.

According to DAILY TRUST, the third phase is slated to commence on April 15, 2024, as previously announced by NCC in December, 2023.

The National Association of Telecommunications Subscribers (NATCOMS) said it would be unfair to bar any subscriber because some of them had been having difficulty linking their SIMs with their NINs. 

Chief Deolu Ogunbanjo, NATCOMS’ President, therefore, requested that the NCC extend the deadline scheduled for the disconnection of telephone lines not linked to NIN beyond Friday, March 29, 2024.

He explained that, “The telecom operators will not bar any subscriber yet. We will only be talking about barring after a week from tomorrow. Yes, technically, we can say the deadline has been extended by a week.”

Another NCC top staff member who corroborated what the first official told our reporter added that NCC yielded to appeals by some CSOs and telecom right groups calling for deadline extension because of internet glitches experienced in the country two weeks ago. 


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