Prince (Amb) Michael Ogungbemi, the Executive Chairman of Ajoni Local Council Development Area of Ekiti State, has assured his constituents that the government of Governor Biodun Oyebanji would usher in more abundant economic prosperity in 2024.

The Chairman pledged to rev the pedal of development that will fast track improved standards of living of his people beginning from 2024 when his tenure would commence.

Hon. Ogungnemi boss exuded confidence that the well articulated economic policies and programmes being initiated by Governor Oyebanji would bear fruits , promising to consolidate on the gains that are percolating down to his people at the local government level.

The Council boss said these in his new year’s message to Ajonians commemorating the beginning of the 2024 fiscal year in a statement released in Ayedun Ekiti, on Sunday.

Hon. Ogungbemi commended the Ajonians and Ekiti citizens by extension for their unflagging support for Governor Oyebanji since the advent of his government, saying this has emotionally stabilised the government to be able to deliver on its promises.

He said, “Let me congratulate Ekiti citizens on the New Year that I know would be highly prosperous and progressive because we have a Governor that is highly spirited to make Ekiti great. In just one year in the saddle, Ekiti has started breathing a sigh of hope and savouring good governance under Governor Oyebanji.

“In the new year, programmes and policies of government woven around the six-point agenda will start manifesting positivities. With Oyebanji’s impressive performance, the civil servants, traders, youth groups, children, vulnerable groups and politicians are now reaping the fruits of their labour.

“A vivid dissection of the 2024 Appropriation Law to be zealously implemented by Governor Oyebanji stoutly attested to his commitment to shoot up the economic fortunes of Ekiti people. So, let us be hopeful that this year will be far better than the gains enjoyed in 2023”.

Hon. Ogungbemi reminded the people how his government in two years radicalised the economic facet of the agrarian council in the areas of improved rural economy, physical infrastructures, educational advancement, entrepreneurial empowerment programme and commercial agriculture, promising to consolidate further in 2024.

In the area of internal security, the Council boss said his government will not only fortify the operation EBBORAC security outfit, but would commensurately fund the body to be able to tame the occasional challenges of killing and kidnapping being witnessed across the borders and forests of Ajoni territories.

“In the areas of health Advocacy, in our efforts to reduce Child’s morbidity and mortality rate in Ekiti State, we have provided rich macro~nutrients food supplement to fight against malnutrition in our children.

“In year 2023, we succeeded in building an international standard schools in Esun and Ayebode Ekiti in partnership with Build a School Initiative in Africa(BASIA/Co Africa). This singular landmark initiative had shored up school enrolments apart from adding aesthetic value to the benefiting communities.

“In our avowed commitment to stamp out poverty and restored abundant prosperity, we have also empowered and encouraged hundreds of youths, women and less privileged with funds and basic tools to have sustainable means of livelihoods. This we did with the mindset to rescue our youths from suffering and wean them of poverty-induced criminal tendencies.

“In our unwavering commitment to create job’s for unemployed graduates and young school leavers, we have engaged our youths as data managers in partnership with African Oral Histories & Genealogical Project across Ajoni communities.

“Our government has graded several kilometres of rural roads to boost agriculture being predominantly agrarian, provided clean and portable solar borehole water system and constructed markets facilities to boost commerce for improved GDP and IGR of our council.

“As I rejoice with Ajonians on the occasion of this New Year’s celebration, I want to counsel that they do things in moderation and have that unshaking belief that the 2024 fiscal year shall be more progressive, beneficial and rewarding for them”.

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