Wale Akinterinwa, former Commissioner of Finance in Ondo State, has asserted that the late governor Rotimi Akeredolu endorsed him as his successor.

The former Commissioner stated that he engaged in discussions with the late governor Akeredolu about the prospect of becoming the next governor of the state.

Addressing the media in Akure, Akinterinwa revealed that the late governor explicitly instructed him to prepare for succession upon his return from a trip to Germany.

He said that he would soon officially declare his intention to run for the governorship seat.

Akinterinwa said, ” Late governor Akeredolu had a discussion with me in his office and he told me he would want me to takeover from him.

“I didn’t take particular notice of the date he had the discussed with me but it happened immediately he came back from his trip in Germany.

”He prayed for me and I am aware he told some certain people about his desire.

He conveyed optimism, expressing his belief that he would represent the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state during the upcoming poll.

”Well at the appropriate time, I will officially announce my intention because it is not in doubt that I am still making further consultations but I can assure you that I will get the ticket.

Akinterinwa said that ” The people of Ondo state are with me, and I am very confident that I will win the APC primary.”

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