The Global News reports that Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele (JP), the leader of INRI Spiritual Church, has unveiled his divine messages for 2024, forecasting that certain members of the Nigerian Senate will face indictment and receive life imprisonment sentences.

The Global News additionally reports that the cleric predicted a surge in the price of imported rice to N80,000 per bag in Nigeria.

Primate Ayodele conducted his annual press briefing on Friday at the auditorium of the Church’s Headquarters in INRI Prosperity Estate, Oke-Afa, Ejigbo, Lagos. During the briefing, he shared his predictions across various aspects of life for the upcoming year, 2024.

The predictions are contained in a 91-page document entitled: A COMPILATION OF THE DIVINE MESSAGES FOR THE YEAR 2024 & BEYOND released to the world on Friday 22 Dec. 2023.

According to the renowned spiritual leader, “The Dollar to Naira will rise to #1400 and this will shake the economy so badly.

“The economy will be fluctuating to the extent that the Central Bank of Nigeria will cry out. The Government’s palliative is part of the things that are ruining the economy and has not added anything good to the economic revival. Local rice will go to #45,000; Imported rice will be #80,000; Coca-cola will be #300, and ‘Pure water’ (Sachet water) will be sold at the rate of two for #100.

“Biscuit will go to #100, #150, #200 while a bottle of palm oil will go to #2,000. If the government did not listen to my advice now, the economy will go down beyond what we are saying.”

Primate Ayodele also said “The level of poverty with the solution that government is bringing in will be heating the polity and causing hyper-inflation. If the government does not reduce the level of poverty, there will be total insecurity in the country. The government must work on issues that will not threaten security and proffer solutions to economic problems for the country to forge ahead.”

The man of God also predicted that “the Police and the Army will protest, especially people at the war zone because of irregularities in their salaries. They will be owed and will call for salary increment. I foresee there will be corrupt practices on the part of people handling the money. The spirit of God says there will be so much pressure on issues that have to do with security.”

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