In a country with collapsed educational structure,the fight is certainly no longer against eradication of poverty and value building, but to simply clear out illiteracy in verbal communication.It is safe to say that Nigeria is not developed because of her educational system.

Firstly,let’s talk about strike in Nigeria,schools go on strike often and this is affecting the students in many ways,a student that is supposed to round up his/her B.Sc program within 4yrs ends up using like 6yrs such student will not be happy and might later begin loosing focus academically.

Another point here is payment to pass,corruption has taken over so many Nigerian lecturers that some students now pay to pass them.Meanwhile, they don’t have any knowledge about the course,this would even affect the student in the sense that,the so passed student might later end up in a place he/she cannot defend the result.

In addition to what I’ve said,schools in Nigeria lack adequate facilities for effective learning,students don’t have the privilege to practice what they have been taught.

Not conducive learning environments is also another affecting factor,no large halls for students to learn effectively,this could lead to stress for students and they will not focus well in class.

Let’s not exclude jamb(joint admission matriculation board)on the reduction of the initial 180 cutoff point to the present 140,which is causing a flood in the administration process in the university, and as well as admitting of under intellectual candidates.

There’s basically no light at the end of the tunnel for a Nigerian student,the Nigeria educational system only help students fight against illiteracy and not poverty because,after school students begin to struggle again to have good living.

In other to balance Nigeria educational system,there are things/laws to be put in place.

Some of this things are; Laws are to be enacted into the Constitution on the updating of the student’s curriculum.

Supervising and counseling universities on a stipulated number of students to be admitted.

Provision of facilities and structural buildings

The increase of the jamb cutoff mark so,only merited people will be admitted.

To this end,if all the above are put into place the Nigeria educational structure would not just rise but as well wax better and stronger in all ramifications.

The educational structure would be strong and stable, the amount of graduates produced on a yearly basis would not only reduce but would be graduates of undeniable impact and highly capacitated individuals with the ability of creativity and sagarcity thereby making the economy of nigeria at large to begin to boost up.


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