By Martins Chiedozie

“like A goat defecating on its tail believing it is hurting its owner. So one will ask, what sense does it make to continue to deceive people and sabotage ourselves? Does it hold any water to boycott the fluid course of our life by encouraging an ideology that will leave the people poorer and vulnerable. Is it justified or reasonable to continue to commit self-sabotage by destroying wittily our corporeal and mental structure, believing that the best thing is to continue to incorporate archaic and counter productive ideology that has no place in the real sense of present realities”.

Well It is commonly believed that the history of behavior that contributed to the underdevelopment in Africa has been the issue of economic self sabotage and our inability to embrace developmental and innovative ideology without the attachment of any sentiment. If not, doesn’t it sound strange and ridiculous that deception and self sabotage in democratic politics are something that are beginning to be justified and accepted by the same people who claimed they are on a mission to rescue the people. But it is so disheartening to see our supposed leaders and self acclaimed change agents who claimed to have the interest of the people at heart but directly and indirectly have continued to ruin their lives by encouraging acts that underdeveloped and impoverished the people. Does it sound shocking that the only people supporting and promoting indulgence and unproductivity in the guise of monday sit-at-home are some members of the opposition political parties with a biased mindset, who found it attractive to propagate their selfish political ideology.

Others have argued that the governor is so quick to cancel Sit-at-Home, so I asked when exactly would be the best time to start rebuilding our economy.? Does it sound funny to see someone you consider sound economist or financial expert supporting working four days out of six days in the week in a servicing economy like ours.? Doesn’t it sound unbelievable to see the supposed leaders and role models argue with sentiment and biased mindset, supporting unjustifiable and anti People ideology?

One question I have continued to ask is, why is it that only those few people outside the south east, the working class people and some retired men and women including few unemployed youth with no or little knowledge of the working of economy are the ones encouraging the Monday Sit-at-Home. Some of them will say ‘why don’t he use Saturday or even Sunday to pave way for Monday Sit-at-Home’, fine but this same people forget that the governor will be infringing on same people’s right to worship on sunday or saturday, the same right you claimed people have to lock their shop or Sit-at-Home every monday, so who is fooling who?

Few weeks ago, on monday precisely, I visited an acquaintance who is a notable politician in the state with a friend. This acquaintance who commands huge fans in the state is a very good proponent of Monday-sit-At Home. We arrived his house at about 11 am in the morning, after talk and talk, as he was leading us to the car, quietly he said my friend “though thank you for coming but I don’t like the way you are moving around every Monday, we have to respect this sit at home until Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is released”, in responds, my friend told him, is true, that he also thoughts of and promised to comply but just last week monday 24th July, I attended a socio cultural meeting with same acquaintance who warned my friend to try and comply with the Sit-at-Home. Is that not a witchcraft lifestyle?

Ladies and gentlemen, it is obvious that most of the proponents of Sit at home are the real betrayal and sycophants who don’t even consider it necessary to give out their 2 minutes silence or break every monday even when they live outside the south east, So who is deceiving who? Some of this proponents of monday Sit-at-Home are made men and women who can even sit at home for one year without complaining or losing anything but these people will tell you thousand frivolous reasons why people should sit at home every Monday and it will shock you that no one has ever deemed it fit to share even groundnut or sweet to those wretched of the poors who survive on daily earnings. Can we grow up please and stop this madness of self sabotage and witchcraft attitude.

But I’m glad that a lot of people are beginning to gain some level of political consciousness to at least know that those promoting sit-at-home every monday are just a few and the real betrayers of the people of the South East. But know it and know it now, there is no responsible government that will sit back and allow unconstituted authority to dictate the affairs of the state. And to those supporting unjustified right, know it very well that your actions and inactions have been the greatest threat to our development because you are even consciously working against our own advancement as a people while claiming to be on a salvage mission. Your dissonant behavior transforms us into social losers or hopeless patsies and depresses us into the class of forlorn pariahs. At last we you will realize, as such, that self-handicapping makes no sense and no matter how assuring they try to convince you, the idea of Sit-at-Home is unjustified right and is in conflict with the core principles of development and advancement of any society and not to talk of a servicing economy like ours.

©Martins Chiedozie Ugwu
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