Popular Gospel singer, Yinka Ayefele has opened upon on his triplets.

The Global News reports that the singer clarified that he fathered his triplets contrary to what many people think.

Ayefele said that though it was rare for people with spinal cord injury to impregnate a woman, but he happens to be one of the few exceptions.

The Gospel Singer made the clarification during the ‘Curiosity Made Me Ask’ show hosted by content creator Bae U Barbie, adding that he impregnated his wife and they had triplets.

“I’m shocked you said you have three beautiful and amazing kids. My question is, how did you do it?” Bae U Barbie asked the singer.

Ayefele, in his response said, “How did I do what? Curious that I impregnated my wife? How did I get three kids? You would have seen pregnant women before. I impregnated my wife and she got pregnant and had triplets.

“You thought I bought them? I don’t understand what you mean. I know you are curious, you want to talk about my spinal cord injury. Anybody who has a spinal cord injury might not be able to impregnate a lady. Yeah, it’s a fact, it’s one out of a hundred.”

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