The Ogun State police command has clarified that Nollywood actor and director, Azeez Ijaduade was accidentally struck by a gunshot discharged by a police officer on Sunday in contrast to initial reports suggesting that he was shot in Iperu Remo, Ogun State.

The Global News had reported that Ijaduade being shot by a trigger-happy policeman was disclosed by his colleague, Abiodun Adebanjo, via his Instagram handle, @iamabiodunadebanjo, on Sunday.

The actor wrote, “Please we need help in Iperu. My director, Azeez Ijaduade, @kingzeez1, was shot by Nigerian police personnel.

“He is presently at Babcock University Teaching Hospital.

“Anybody with the contacts of the Police IG or Commissioner should reach out.”

In an interview, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Omolola Odutola, explained that an officer attached to Bramajaj Company Limited in Ogere Remo accidentally discharged a shot from his rifle during the company’s end-of-year party at a hotel in Iperu.

Concurrently, Azeez Ijaduade, his crew members, and other actors were reportedly engaged in a movie shoot at the same hotel when the discharged shot struck the Nollywood actor’s neck. The police further revealed that the actor has been swiftly taken to the hospital, where he is currently responsive to treatment, with Odutola confirming that he is in a stable condition.

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