The National Population Commission (NPC) has revealed its intentions to digitize the registration process for births, deaths, and other vital civil information across the country.

NPC’s Acting Director of Public Affairs, Nkoyo Nwakusor, in a statement explained that the decision to transition away from manual registration is aimed at facilitating self-service and assisted-service for the public to register vital events. These include births, stillbirths, deaths, birth attestations, diaspora births and death notifications, marriage and divorce notifications, migration registration, vital certificate verification, and hospital onboarding.

Nwakusor emphasized that the implementation would involve the use of VitalReg, a cutting-edge digital application. This platform will generate digital certificates for all cases and provide accessible verification platforms for registered organizations. Additionally, a central management system (dashboard) will be utilized to collect and analyze civil registrations, providing vital statistics for effective planning and decision-making purposes.

According to the statement, the Chairman of NPC, Nasir Isa Kwarra, said that the VitalReg marked a departure from the traditional paper-based recording of vital events to a state-of-the-art digital solution that conformed to international best practices.

Meanwhile, Adedayo Bankole, the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Barnksforte Technologies Limited, expressed gratitude to the commission and the federal government for entrusting them with the opportunity to provide the technology solution for digitizing civil registration and vital statistics in Nigeria.

He affirmed their commitment to enhancing the application continuously to enhance efficient data generation across the country.

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