Unity represents togetherness, it is standing together for every thick and thin matter. There are many stories as well as real-life incidences that have proved that unity always leads a harmonious and fulfilling life for all.

In his efforts at seeing a united Ajoni, one of the tools adopted by the Executive Chairman of Ajoni LCDA, Prince Michael Ogungbemi is sport and Ayo Olopon in particular.

This local sport (Ayo Olopon) will help promote our Indigenous culture. This indigenous game is a mind and brain-engaging game, so it is a game that promotes a positive mindset. It inspires the ability to think fast on the spot, take the right decision and make the right move when it matters most. It promotes the can-do spirit and boosts the resilience of the players to see things to the end

Ayo Olopon is a traditional game played by the Yoruba people, a game that requires a lot of brain power and mathematical skill and most of the time, it used as a recreational game.

This competition is structured such that there will be preliminaries which will be played at the Palaces of the respective communities that made up Ajoni before the finals which is scheduled to hold at the Council Secretariat.

It is expected that the competition will kick off later this month.

This effort by the Chairman is all in his bid to ensure that the very act and essence of governance reaches the nooks and crannies of the communities and as well touch people’s life’s with his developmental agendas as he is driven by Innovation, Passion and Creativity (IPC).

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