By Oluwasegun Aina

If she engaged you to do something, she will charge you to be honest and ensure transparency, equity and justice. She is indeed an embodiment of a good character.

Always a clear vision back by definet plans gives a tremendous outcome. Clarity is the key to effectiveness. This humble Woman, refuses to tolerate mediocrity and poor performance, this of course keeps her moving alongside with extraordinary achievements.

The bedrock of recording unwavering success is in line with careful consideration and holding truth and justice as a system leading everything. This is very little about Hon. Bola Adewumi.

To her, life is a nine-day wonder and happiness is not about having accumulations, but how do you change some people lives to be better. This is why she choosed to be humble to all.

One very good thing to notice in her, she don’t do things for the clap, she always look at the rightness of it.

Ma, our prayers for you is that may the good God continue to guide and safeguard you, then promote you to be better than today. May God Almighty protect you also from all internal and external, known and unknown forces evil. Success should continue follow whatever your hands touch, and protection follow your shadow!! History Beacons with Bola Adewumi in ERO LCDA!

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