The Global News reports that popular Nigerian actor and film producer, Yomi Fabiyi has offered an update on the legal developments concerning his colleague, Baba Ijesha, who is facing accusations of sexual misconduct involving a minor.

Baba Ijesha, a prominent figure in the Nollywood industry, was arrested earlier and subsequently sentenced to five years in prison for allegedly assaulting a minor.

The minor in question is the foster daughter of another colleague, Damilola Adekoya, also known as Princess.

In a recent interview with Kolaolootu Live, Yomi Fabiyi asserted that there is a lack of substantial evidence to corroborate the allegations that Baba Ijesha engaged in any inappropriate conduct with the minor.

Yomi suggested that the absence of conclusive evidence contributed to the judge’s decision not to impose a life sentence on Baba Ijesha.

According to Yomi, Princess had invited Baba Ijesha to film a skit, a statement allegedly confirmed by her foster daughter in court.

Furthermore, Yomi asserted that the individual who engaged in sexual activity with Princess’ foster daughter is currently at liberty, and he disputed the widespread speculation about the victim’s age, stating that she is not 14 years old.

He said,“Baba Ijesha’s appeal process is still ongoing in court. There was no evidence that he slept with the girl; that was why the judge didn’t sentence him to life imprisonment. He was called by Princess to shoot a skit, and the girl also said in court that she was called to shoot a skit. The person who actually slept with the girl is walking freely. The girl’s age is not 14. They never gave the court her birth certificate. We are waiting for the appeal court judgement.”

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