Ibrahim Babangida, the former Military President of Nigeria, has expressed his conviction that there won’t be any military interference that could disrupt the progress of democracy in the country.

The country experienced numerous military interventions in its politics post-independence, with periods of military rule exceeding those of civilian leadership until 1999. Babangida was among the military leaders during that era, presiding over the country for eight years from 1985 to 1993.

During an interview on Channels Television’s Inside Sources on Saturday, the ex-military leader expressed that military involvement hindered Nigeria’s genuine pursuit of federalism. He emphasized that the period of military intervention in politics has concluded, as Nigerians now aspire to establish a truly democratic nation.

“I think that is (failure to achieve true federalism) one of the effects of the aberration that the military regime, it countered the democratic process.

“Such things happen, but I believe it will not happen again because Nigerians are becoming more interested in becoming a truly democratic nation in Africa and such thing, I don’t think it will happen,” Babangida said.

Babagunda, however, said that as a military leader, he freed the economy by allowing the private sector to be the hub of economy of the country.

He also added that “I believe in restructuring, devolution of powers to the states to give the more powers and that means you are going to give them more resources to run their own affairs so that we run a federal government the way federation is run all over the world,” he said.

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